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For TheCocoPuffs clan.

Clan: Condorclan

Later: Cocoabean

Mentor: Up to 

Mate: None (yet)

How ended up in Codorclan: Unwanted cat put in desert.

Family: Up to 
TheCocoPuffs (Unless I have to make it)

"I hope that dog doesn't get me, I'm too young to die!"

Ok-Ok I seen some videos about mary sues and stuff and relized that Gear is kinda a Mary-sue so...

 Backstory: Born as a Kittypet, started In Bloodclan, and ended In Thunderclan. Gray was born on a farm near Barley's farm. The farm was full of rats, she always caught them for fun. She always looked out the window to the outside world. The birds and mice always intrested her. She saw many cats outside, she always wondered how it would be living wild. Her Twolegs and parents never let her go near the outside world past the fence and crops, in fear of losing her. One night she snuck outside. Gray ran out towards the fence and jumped over. She regreted it at first the cold, animals, and feeling of the outside made her want to go back. She looked back at her farm and verntured off. She never had a big reason to leave, but she couldn't stand living with her twolegs, it wasn't her style of life. She made it to a small town in the morning when she encountered other cats that reaked of garbage. They acted extremly hostile towards her. She had to prove herself by fighting. She was able to join Bloodclan and changed her name to Gear to suit the clan more. They taught her to fight better in case she encountered a dog. A tradition with the cats was to put teeth around their collar and she did so. She met a tom named Ash and they became mates. They lived on top of a short building near the forest. Gear had 5 kits. Their names were Misty, Midnight, Night, Gray, and Spotted. She was nearly starving when she decided to live the rest of her life in the forest, abandoning her kits and her mate. She stummbled upon Thunderclan (As if they didn't have enough cats enough). She was nearly killed by Firestar, but covinced him that she was no harm to the clan and that she left her old clan. The cats acted really defensive around her. She caught a gray tom in the corner of her eye, it was Ashfur. But when she turned around to examine him more, Gear realized that he was with an orange she cat. Firestar decided her warrior name was going to be Mistyfeather. Gear accepted this but still prefered to be called Gear. She realized that Ashfur was lonely today and looking down. She walked over to him and asked what was wrong. He said that the orange she cat, Squirrelflight, had not loved him the way he though and fell for an other tom. She started to talk to him and become good friends with him. Gear had feelings for him. She hesitated to express her feelings. But before she could he died. This impacted her greatly.Squirrelflight tried to help her through this, they became friends.She meet this cat named Barkfur which seemed to have an intrest in her. She didn't take this the right way,when he expressed his feelings for her she growled and had an aggresive attidude to him. Barkfur seemed to ignore her after that.  Brambleclaw became Bramblestar. She had a dream about Barkfur, they were mean't to be mates. She didn't like this. But she knew it was for the better. She had 5 kits with him and one adopted kit.  She was fighting with Riverclan patrol, when one of them knocked her in the water. She was able to keep her head above the water, but a huge rock came up. Her head forced upon it, making a huge gash in her head. She was able to be dragged out and the gash in her head was much better, but head trama took her over shortly after Squirrelflight had her kits. She was buried near the Riverclan river in Snakerocks. She joined Ashfur in Starclan and hunted with the warriors in Starclan.

Names: Gray (kit), Gear (warrior), Mistyfeather(Starclan and warrior)

Current: Starclan

Past: Kittpet, Loner (temporarily), Bloodclan, Thunderclan

Mates: Ash , Ashfur, Barkfur(unofficially)

Sons: Midnight, Nightpelt, Grayfur

Daughters:Misty, Speckledtail, Magpie

Age: 100 moons (9 yrs) at death

Cause of death: Head Trama

"Listen Barkfur, get back to camp and finish your duties! I don't have time for this and neither do you!"

Loves: A name with the prefix "Ash" or cats that look like Ash, voles, hunting, going on patrol

Hates: Having kits with a tom more than once, being misunderstood

Strengths: Kits, newly apointed aprentices/warriors, most queens

Weakness: Senior warriors, Shadowclan warriors, Rushing water or water in general

Personality: Quick to assume, l, authenticity, kinda nice, a huge asshole
A small silver thing fell at Gear's paws. It had a bird thing hanging off of it. She looked up and saw Barkfur. He had a little bit of affection in his eyes.
"Thanks" Gear meowed at him pickung up the object and walking to her pile.
"I have more!" Barkfur mewed after her.
"Really?" Gear asked.
"Yea!" Barkfur replied, "want them?"
"It's up to you" Gear meowed.
She could hear his paw steps running away. She starting digging the hole back up. She dropped the silver thing in when a whole pile of shiny things dropped making a jiggling noise. She looked over to see Barkfur smiling at her. 
"Thanks Barkfur" She smiled back.
Barkfur didn't reply. Barkfur stepped forward and nuzzled her. Gear bristled and jumped back. She quickly covered the pile back up and walked off. *Time goes by*. Gear yawned as she layed in her nest. Barkfur hoped in and layed in the same nest as her. He rested his chin on her head lightly. Gear didn't care, she knew one day they would have to become mates, besides he also warmed her up.

That ain't Hawkfrost so please take off your detective hats of please thank you very much



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